Whether you are newbie or an advanced jewelry designer we have projects for you. Make your own jewelry by learning techniques and using affordable jewelry supplies we carry. You can also bring the project you’d like to make and our expert instructors will help

you to make it happened.

Call (818) 842-2323 or email: to reserve your spot.

‘Triple Wrap Bracelet’ Zoom class

Thursday, October 15 @ 6 pm

Cost $ 25

Learning three basic skills.  

This triple wrap bracelet appears to be three different bracelets, but it really is only one. You will learn or practice stringing, crimping, working with leather and off loom beading ( Chan Lu style).


1-2 hole or shank button12” large link chain. Whatever color that will go with your scheme

2 ft – .7 bead stringing wire

5 crimps

10g -8o seed beads ,

 your choice2 ft -1-1/2mm – color your choice

2 pkg #4 silk pearl knotting cord or s-lon or nymo thread. 

If you use s-lon or nymo you’ll need 2 large hole needles.

Hypo Cement glue

Due to of COVID-19 all the Basic classes are postponed until further notice. In the meantime check out our ZOOM classes. Also available one-on-one classes on Sundays by appointments only.

Beading Basics Workshops

Every Wednesday & Friday

2 – 4 pm & 4 – 6 pm

Join us for creative afternoons and learn any beading technique, including basic

stringing, knotting, wire-linking and wrapping and much more. Learn

the skills to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings with choice of beads using

proper jewelry tools.

$25 fee for each class, materials are extra.

Please call (818) 842-2323 or email for reservations