Beading Basics Workshops

Join our Basic Beading Workshops every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1-3PM.

Learn the skills to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings with choice of beads using proper jewelry tools.

$ 40 fee for each class, materials are extra.

Call (818) 842-2323 or email: to reserve your spot.

Basic Beading

Learn how to start and finish your necklace and bracelet using a variety of beads, findings, stringing material and tools. Designing your own jewelry has never been so easy! 

Basic Knotting Class

Basic Knotting Class

Learn to make consistent knots between pearls or other beads. It will allow you to keep the beads together should the knot ever break and prevent beads from rubbing together. With little imagination make unique designs using this technique.

Basic Wire Linking

Learn how to link beads and components together with wire wrapping technique. Make perfect loops in your design using eye/head pins and chains. Same technique can be used to make a rosary.

Basic Stone Wire Wrapping

Learn how to wrap your favorite piece of stone, glass or shell with wire. Choose the best technique to make it secure and unique. Finish it with the bail to put the chain through.